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Embrace your beauty

Miradonna® by Miraclesuit® is a new range of shaping swimwear and beachwear that aims to embrace and celebrate the female beauty.

How it started

Launched in 2016, Miradonna® by Miraclesuit® was born from the succesful partnership of two swimwear companies: Miraclesuit, the American leader in shaping swimwear and AFS International, a major Italian swimwear powerhouse that has been marketing its swimwear and beachwear brands internationally for decades.

The concept

The Miradonna name carries in itself a message in two parts which tells the story of our brand: Mira is an invitation to admire the great Italian designs that will embrace the beauty of the Donna, the feminine woman this swimwear line wishes to celebrate.

Designed in Italy and true to the high quality standards of Miraclesuit®, Miradonna®’s swimsuits provide women with the soft comfort, style and great looks they aspire to. 
A few key benefits make your Miradonna swimsuits truly unique:

  • The use of a light and soft shaping fabric, called Mirashape, which gently sculpts the body and enhances women’s natural curves.

  • The innovative silhouettes, which are engineered to shape women’s natural curve whilst providing optimum fit.

  • The Italian flair, which comes through in the vibrant prints and new designs.

  • In addition to the swimwear range, Miradonna® offers a beachwear line, which combines the style and attention to detail that are synonumous with Italian design and with the high quality standards of Miraclesuit®. 

Each garment of the Miradonna beachwear collection is a unique piece of apparel.


About Us

Miradonna® by Miraclesuit® is a new range of swimwear and beachwear born from the successful partnership between American shaping swimwear leader Miraclesuit® and Italian glam swimwear powerhouse AFS-International.

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